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No pain, no fear, with dental sedation in Leeds

Feel like you slept through it all!

With dental sedation in Leeds at Horsforth Dental, we can help you break the vicious cycle of fear, avoidance and invasive treatment. With intravenous dental sedation, you’ll be conscious during your treatment, but you will feel as though you slept through it – and of course, absolutely no pain. You will have little or no memory of your experience – so you won’t associate your treatment with the noises, smells and adrenaline that you might experience with a regular treatment under local anaesthetic.


How dental sedation breaks the cycle of fear

Nervous patients often delay their dental visits until pain or discomfort becomes unbearable. By this point, a dental problem that might have been fixed quickly in its early stages will have become more complex to treat – which only compounds dental fear, and leads to more avoidance once the treatment is complete. So how can sedation help? Sedation combines anaesthetic with analgesic and sedative to make you feel extremely relaxed and drowsy. It can have the effect of resetting the clock on your dental fear, creating a positive experience of your dental treatment on which you can build a great future relationship with your dentist, your health and your smile!



How is dental sedation different to general or local anaesthetic?

In a nutshell, intravenous (IV) sedation goes further than a local anaesthetic but not quite as far as a general. You won’t be completely unconscious, as with a general, but you’ll be in a state of deep, sleepy relaxation that means you’ll have very little awareness or memory of your dental procedure. The main difference is that the dentist will be able to rouse you to speak to you if necessary during your procedure.

If I’m conscious, won’t I will still feel nervous?

No. The mix of drugs we use will induce a state of deep relaxation. Patients generally feel as though they’re sleeping. An added benefit of IV sedation is its amnesiac effect – patients rarely remember anything about their dental procedure afterwards.

How long does it take for the effects to wear off?

Usually you’ll need to spend up 30 minutes in recovery after your procedure. The full effects of IV sedation take 24 hours to wear off, so you’ll probably feel groggy for a time and you will need to arrange for transport home. Until the effects wear off, you won’t be able to operate electrical machinery, cook, use sharp implements or make any critical decisions, and you’ll need to arrange for someone to stay with you during this time.

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