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Give your children a brace-free future with Myobrace early orthodontics in Leeds

Addressing the causes of crooked teeth at the right age

Horsforth Dental is the only practice in Leeds – and one of only a few in the UK – to offer the revolutionary Myobrace for children. Gentle and effective, it is a pioneering early orthodontic solution that acts while the jaw is still soft and growing – so it’s much less invasive than traditional braces, and crooked teeth can be intercepted much earlier using this method.

In addressing common “myofunctional” causes of crooked teeth – such as mouth breathing, tongue thrusting and thumb sucking – Myobrace can be used from as young as five years old to gently correct these issues. This can reduce or even eliminate the need for lengthy treatment with fixed braces during the teen years.


How Myobrace works

Jaw growth is guided by the position and use of the tongue, as well as other facial muscles – so when children develop habits that affect the position of their tongue, it can lead to incorrect jaw development, often resulting in a jaw that is too small to accommodate all the adult teeth. This, in turn causes teeth to erupt in the wrong place, or appear crooked. Myobrace is a simple early orthodontic solution that involves wearing a custom aligner, rather like a gum shield.

Ideal for children aged 5 to 12, we’re proud to offer Myobrace in Leeds. Worn for just one hour a day and at night, it enables the wearer to breathe through their nose and swallow correctly, and holds the tongue and lips in the correct position, which in turn will gently manipulate the jaw to grow the right way.


Why choose Myobrace?

Myobrace is a highly modern solution that addresses the causes of crooked teeth at an early stage, before the jaw fuses permanently at around the age of 14. Once this happens, traditional orthodontics are often the only solution – and while fixed braces have a great success rate, treatment is often lengthy, invasive (if extractions are needed) and can negatively affect oral health.

Traditional braces also require a lifetime commitment with retainers to avoid relapse. Because Myobrace addresses the causes of crooked teeth, treatment allows the jaw develops correctly and adult teeth to erupt in the right place – giving your child the naturally beautiful smile they deserve, for life.


Advantages of Myobrace over traditional methods

  • Straightens teeth
  • No braces
  • No permanent retainers
  • Removable and convenient
  • Wear for just 1-2 hours a day and while sleeping
  • Treats the cause of crooked teeth
  • Minimises root and enamel damage to the teeth
  • Enables good oral hygiene
  • Improved comfort over braces
  • No one knows you’re having treatment

My son had his standard six-month check-up and his top teeth were protruding by 9mm. We were offered Myobrace as an alternative to generic braces, which we wouldn't be able to consider until he was around 13 years old. We took the plunge and haven't looked back. His teeth are now amazing! No pain, no visible braces, overbite rectified... brilliant. Would highly recommend.


We had never heard of this form of treatment before. Sam provided us with the information we needed to make a decision. The treatment, although costly, includes regular check-ups, photographs to monitor progress, various stages of Myobrace and exercises. Exercises were the hardest part, however, the use of an iPad app helped, along with encouragement from Sam. The treatment will not work wearing the brace alone and the child needs to be prepared to do the exercises. We are really pleased with the progress and we often get comments from friends and family. We are confident that using the Myobrace has prevented the need for metal braces. In our opinion, it was money well spend and it’s lovely to see her smile.


My son started his treatmen in 2015 at the age of 8. He had overcrowding and his bottom teeth closed in front of his top ones. Myobrace treatment has changed his jaw positioning, closed gaps in his teeth and created sufficient room for his adult teeth to develop and fit into place comfortably. Myobrace also ensures he breathes through his nose and not his mouth, which means he suffers less with his allergy-related asthma. I would 100% recommend Myobrace to anyone.


Thank you to Sam for his wonderful and supportive treatment. Our 8-year-old daughter has used the Myobrace for about 2 years now; her previously crowded front teeth are now growing perfectly straight, her malocclusion has been rectified and her breathing has greatly improved. From what we can see, it means she will have lifelong straight teeth with no need for a retainer brace. We also feel the Myobrace has had the knock-on effect of improving her asthma, as she now rarely needs her inhaler. We would highly recommend Myobrace as a natural, holistic and effective method.



How do I know if my child needs Myobrace treatment?

If you have noticed any obvious signs – overcrowding teeth, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting or thumb sucking – tell your dentist during your child’s next check-up. If we think your child would benefit from an early orthodontic assessment in Leeds, we’ll advise you accordingly.

How long does Myobrace treatment take?

Myobrace treatment times depend on each individual case, but generally it is completed in 2-3 years. Unlike traditional braces, Myobrace only needs to be worn for an hour a day and at night, which makes it much easier for children to get used to.

Can Myobrace eliminate the need for traditional braces?

In many cases, yes, although we may recommend short-term braces at the end of Myobrace treatment if you want your child’s smile to be cosmetically perfect.

Does Myobrace hurt?

No. Some children experience sensitivity during the first few days of treatment, but this will subside.

Should I wait until my child is older?

We believe that treating the malocclusion (crooked teeth) should occur as soon as a problem is identified. Indeed, Myobrace treatment is often more effective the earlier the patient is identified and treated.

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